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Broadcast Media Contractor

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Are you considering working as a contractor? Benefits include working on high profile projects, rapidly increasing your skills and knowledge...


IR35 legislation is due to change in April 2020 make sure you understand the changes.


What are the Agency Workers Regulations?


Freelancers should consider taking out a personal policy to cover them in the event of accidents.


A key part of getting freelance work is actually getting paid within a realistic time-frame.

Guide to Starting a Limited Company

Why set up a limited company? Many self-employed broadcast freelancers are starting a limited company (or planning to start one). But why are they making

Umbrella Companies Hit by Change in the Law: the Budget and you, the Broadcast Freelancer

Umbrella companies – often used by broadcast contractors – have been hit by a change in the law, but how will it affect you?

The Broadcast Freelancer’s Guide to Building a Website

There are so many resources and tools available today to help you build a website that just weren’t around even a few short years ago.

What is IR35? Demystifying your rights as a freelancer

What is IR35? As we stated in this article, IR35 is ‘intermediaries’ legislation that’s designed to eliminate tax avoidance through workers...

Insurance policies for TV & film freelancers

If you’re a TV or film freelancer, it’s good to consider investing in at least one of the various employment-based insurance policies that are available

Changes to IR35

IR35 legislation has changed dramatically – and there’s more to come. For the broadcast industry in particular, given its traditionally sizeable freelance

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn

More than 20 million people in the UK are now using the world’s favourite business network but how can you make the most of LinkedIn?

Agency workers rights – everything you need to know about AWR

We’ve already touched on AWR – Agency Workers Regulations – but since this is currently a big, hot topic, we feel it warrants a closer look.

Freelance Broadcast Contract Template

Check out Frame 25 freelancer's contract template. This document is intended for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon.