CV  for Broadcast - Template
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CV for Broadcast - Template

Frame 25 - CV Template

Candidate Name

Current Position: XXXXXXXXX

Availability: Confirm Notice Period


A short description of the headlines of your experience, background and skills. Showing what you are ideally looking for.



Example of management experience and highlights

  • Led team of XXXXXX supporting the live broadcast of XXXXXXX

  • Responsible for dept P&L and overall headcount of XXXX


    Example of Technical skills

  • Proficient with XXXXX

  • Mention any relevant accreditation.

  • List systems and technology.


    Example of creative skills and credits.

  • Have experience in (sports, lives, shows, documentary), Insert Credits XXX

  • Editing and color correction, Insert systems/software skills XXXX

    Employment History

    Overview of roles – headlines of remit and bullet points detailing key achievements. More detail for recent roles, less for historical other than title and remit.

Education & Training

Overview of achievements, qualifications and relevant training.

Aim for 2-3 Pages