Tech in Broadcast and Media
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Tech in Broadcast and Media

5G & broadcast – the good, the bad and the latency

The fifth generation of cellular network technology is going to change things. And we mean really change things. Here’s how, particularly in broadcast

The rise and rise of TV data lakes and analytics

Analytics and big data are increasingly used by traditional broadcasters, but can they beat the tech giants?

The growing role of AI, machine learning and other emerging tech in media production

Emerging technologies are an increasingly popular aspect of media production, so Frame 25 looks deeper to explore what’s happening and where it’s going.

Is cloud-based playout a) inevitable, and b) good for business?

What is cloud-based playout? What’s the difference between public and private clouds? What are the benefits and barriers of cloud solutions?

From baseband to IP: the move of broadcast content workflows

Why broadcast is moving from trusted technology that’s served the industry so well to IP-based infrastructure and workflows.

The broadcast industry and the Internet of Things (IoT)

To some, the television is simply a screen that sits in the corner or hangs on a wall in the living room. What’s Included – Table of Contents...

What is VPN? And why is Netflix blocking them?

Netflix in the UK has just half as many titles as the service’s American version What’s Included – A recent report in The Sun based on research

IP migration poised to leave SDI dead in the water

The shift towards ‘IP solutions’/IPTV has gathered pace. Hardware-based technologies are giving way to software-based developments. 2015 has seen...

The rise of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, drones) in broadcast

Unmanned aerial vehicles – UAVs or drones – are on the up. But what makes them such an attractive alternative to helicopters and cable-suspended cameras.

V-Nova’s new video compression software, PERSEUS, a game-changing codec

A new compression codec has emerged, the product of a company called V-Nova which has operated in ‘stealth mode’ since 2011 and launched officially.

EVS: a route out of the suite?

EVS, the Belgian manufacturer of a range of video servers and recording products, now boasts over 8,000 operators of its equipment globally...